The Thinnest Smartphone in the World.
7 of the Strangest, Rarest Smartphones, including the thinnest phone in the world, ever...😱...Check out Huel here:
For my most brutally honest phone commercial:

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Which was your favourite on the list (you're not allowed to say #5 😂)? Had SO many requests for my Mi 11 Ultra Review (really appreciate you asking) - still working on it, but just had a bit of a logistics issue so I want to make sure I've still tested it thoroughly before giving conclusions! Also to watch my brutally honest Smartphone commercials video:



    • english gaming
      english gaming

      Phone e is the best

    • J.Rishab 91
      J.Rishab 91


    • Erion

      Passionfruit is the best lol


      @Mrwhosetheboss i know you have tones of gadgets and u would not find use for the vivo x5 kindly gift it to me, i have been following them since they launched the vivo x3, however because the African market is dominated by Apple and Samsung i have not laid hands on any of their phones till date. i know a lot of tech reviewers do give aways, this will be much appretiated.

  • Daniel Chloe
    Daniel Chloe

    *I gat a clone CC of $7000 from carddrone on telgram,💯💯 legit,thanks man,ama recommending you out here for there fellas to taste you*


    Thinnest in the world ??? But.... I guess you have never seen the mysterious phone called Rivo phantom pz10.🤙😅. It is the slimmest phone I have ever used . But it had one problem which I can't fix. The network IC is gone and none of the parts on the stores were made for that slimmest phone.😅😔..

  • Care Bear
    Care Bear

    This guy clearly has an embarrassment of money.

  • Yifter Ynne Banghulot
    Yifter Ynne Banghulot

    Hold are thing instead -Arun

  • creeper boom boom boom
    creeper boom boom boom

    I got your sound shoes ad

  • ノンブラドウィリアン・イワン

    7:59 i like rick Ashley is there

  • Purchase Lumière
    Purchase Lumière

    No 5 is the digital lakshmi cheat fund.


    I can cut vegetables with this phone 😂

  • IMMORTAL playz
    IMMORTAL playz

    8:38 you can see that the phone is supported on a.... thing...

  • Narf Pyro
    Narf Pyro

    Have you seen the remarkable 2? Imagine doing a smartphone with a digital paper screen.

  • Narf Pyro
    Narf Pyro

    Plenty of companies pay bounties for finding exploits so yah... Offering a million would make sense if you really wanted to draw attention from the more serious hackers it would cost less then a global marketing campaign probably lol

  • Alexander Gabriel Alqueza
    Alexander Gabriel Alqueza

    Oh, now that I've seen the date it's April 4th close to April 1st to be April Fools prank.

  • Andrei Mladin
    Andrei Mladin

    ''If a company wants to put a headphone jack on a phone, They can put a headphone jack on a phone.'' - Mrwhosetheboss

  • Kookies and Cream Sweeter Than Sweet
    Kookies and Cream Sweeter Than Sweet

    I thought the triangle edge on that impulse phone was for pinky finger

  • Will Khoza
    Will Khoza

    Hey do you keep all these phones??

  • Dilip Suresh Kumar S
    Dilip Suresh Kumar S

    3:25 Pitch Meeting about phones

  • Krishna sri vamsi
    Krishna sri vamsi

    What the fuck is this video....

  • Salman Raju
    Salman Raju

    Bagane చెబుతున్నావు బాగుంది

  • MW film
    MW film

    Girlish boy

  • Cheyenne Snyder
    Cheyenne Snyder

    You think the nophone has a headphone jack

  • Cheyenne Snyder
    Cheyenne Snyder

    Love the shade throwing about the headphone jack, it's true tho. Not sure what company said this but some company said they couldn't fit a headphone jack on there phone because it was to small. I'll be honest with you I rather have a bigger phone if it means I get a headphone jack again because honestly I miss having one, I mean sure I got nice wireless earbuds but it's still nothing like the old headphones or earbuds

  • Edgaferd

    Wth is liquid Morpheum? I tried googling it and it kept telling me how morphine helps with pain.

  • 1000yani

    I would've loved the no phone when I was little

  • SKULLz NoVa
    SKULLz NoVa

    again rickrolled us at 8:02 why arun WHY??

  • Michael Frühwirth
    Michael Frühwirth

    I came for a thin phone and I got a Top 7 list of something. classic video of you. just clickbaiting and dragging the video out to 10 min.

  • TheDoctor 13
    TheDoctor 13

    Oh wow that thin phone is crazy, I thought the Moto Z was thin enough! Haha, though I guess they are pretty close and sadly the Z did not include the headphone jack

  • Sheyli :3
    Sheyli :3


  • Sol In
    Sol In

    The best one is #5 because I can breathe electricity

  • IntelliPocalypse

    Just snaps in half

  • Felicia Buii
    Felicia Buii


  • Harrick V Harrick
    Harrick V Harrick

    I don't think morpheum actually exists either, not as a solid and not as a liquid either..

  • 砖递鷵橡孂㨩錘墭

    Remember when we all wanted the thinest phone possible

  • Yesh Li Corona
    Yesh Li Corona

    7:00 Among Us Phone!!! Tun tun tun tun tun tun tun tun tun bum bum

  • Iuliana Panait
    Iuliana Panait

    i dont want be less atouched to it

  • Iuliana Panait
    Iuliana Panait

    want phone with me

  • Blarnix

    7:30 Apple does this. So does google.

  • Alexis Texas
    Alexis Texas

    Something like nophone just shows how broken our economy is, as a regular person you should never be able to advertise something like this let alone sell it. Now imagine asking a bank for credit... But if you have the funding to just go and produce it (or just the packaging) - and then lash out on social media, spend big money on advertisement - you can actually turn it into a gag that people will give you money for. The number one thing that produces by far the most wealth is wealth itself. Thats a big yikes.



  • •∆•Demi-God∆•∆

    Top 10 strangest phones

  • 宇宙正道: 外星人拼命升級地球介質,取完地球核物質,從此無世界末日。更健康乾淨。人類回收所有太空垃圾
    宇宙正道: 外星人拼命升級地球介質,取完地球核物質,從此無世界末日。更健康乾淨。人類回收所有太空垃圾

    13:35 14:00 14:15 finally thinnest Please from now on, Time stamp your Review. Easier for People.

  • Lidia Smith
    Lidia Smith

    The head jack thing has to do with the bezel and making room for bigger batteries. I prefer not having an audio jack since my flexible splitter I got for really cheap works just fine if I need to charge at the same time. Also usbc headphones are so hard to destroy.

  • Muhamad Afrizal
    Muhamad Afrizal

    you forgot the world thinnest smartphone is moto Z

  • PhantomPanic

    I would have never learned about the No Phone if it wasn't for my phone. How ironic...

  • Sean Rotz
    Sean Rotz

    I have a Moto Z, which is extremely thin too, and a very nice looking phone too.

  • SK Sohaib
    SK Sohaib

    that headphone jack joke or should i say the lame excuse of Apple... was great

  • Rahul Jha
    Rahul Jha

    0:29 is that an amogus reference?! 😳

  • Silo Zeminer
    Silo Zeminer

    8:41 that phone kinda sus


    i saw some tears in mrwhostheboss's eyes lol

  • Alisher Pirov
    Alisher Pirov

    Is the intro a reference to a JAV? If so, I agree. It's pixelated but there is an octopus sticking out of it, just smiling at you... Ridiculous indeed...

  • Jss Kumta
    Jss Kumta


  • *Lightning*

    And then uh what what is this?

  • Rock 1 2 4
    Rock 1 2 4

    There is a bunch of vivo phones in the Philippines

  • Reynaldo Sudithio
    Reynaldo Sudithio

    I would love to see behind the scene while throwing and swapping phones 😂

  • Dman

    Man, this video sure was p’p’leb’ib.

  • Sounak Majumdar
    Sounak Majumdar

    1:07 who noticed the light in the background being turned on with a snap?? Man this small things make a great SVnamer 🤩

  • Tomato Sauce
    Tomato Sauce

    Can i have the ROG phone? 😊

  • Speedstriker

    the nophone air could help us live on mars

  • Big Ben Games
    Big Ben Games

    3:41 maybe try returning the packaging 🤣

  • Syifauddin Al Zuhri
    Syifauddin Al Zuhri

    vivo x5 max looks similar to oppo r5

  • TheDeathmail

    "They still managed to get a headphone jack on there" shots fired

    • Jack Harrison
      Jack Harrison

      @Blaze the material around the head phone jack is 0.001 inches thick

    • Blaze

      @Jack Harrison shit was so small that the lcd was giving up

    • Jack Harrison
      Jack Harrison

      Just wait till you see the nano 7th gen iPod

  • Utkarsh Gupta
    Utkarsh Gupta

    That Iqoo ad Sucks 😣

  • Louis Jones
    Louis Jones

    Perplibib, very cool word

  • disturtled

    W8, shouldn't outside corners be round and screencorners be pointy, not the other way around?

  • Johnny L
    Johnny L

    6:41 hehe

  • Patrick Garcia
    Patrick Garcia

    The numberless niece neatly include because nancy arthroscopically squeak astride a oceanic patricia. jagged, garrulous bandana

  • mouad aoudane
    mouad aoudane


  • Isaac Morrey
    Isaac Morrey

    mwtb talking about lawwi me an ameracain ive never met this company in my life

  • Chukwubuikem Nwani
    Chukwubuikem Nwani

    That vivo still exist

  • Miles Smart
    Miles Smart

    Hold up galaxy S6 iPhone 6S kinda similar

  • Elvis Dcruz
    Elvis Dcruz


  • Alexander George
    Alexander George

    Do you recommend *rankhack2* on Instagram he help me get my Snapchat account back he's the best

  • Alexander George
    Alexander George

    Do you recommend *rankhack2* on Instagram he help me get my Snapchat account back he's the best

  • bagsnbistros

    Does anyone get major Dan Howell vibes from this guy?

  • Tight

    😅😅😅 i didn't understand any thing

  • The Rust Admin
    The Rust Admin

    By the way, your channel's title should be mrwhosthebosss, not mrwhosetheboss.

  • HoaX

    Crazy how tech has advanced so fast in less than 10 years!

  • lmaginary Fear
    lmaginary Fear

    This dude really out here spawning phones like that

  • John Garcia
    John Garcia

    6:40 NOICE

  • Luka R
    Luka R

    0:29 Get out! Leave me alone!

  • Federal 2000
    Federal 2000

    Why is Rick astley in nearly every video? I found him in a whiteboard.

  • ASHIK 222
    ASHIK 222


  • Faris Hanafiah
    Faris Hanafiah

    That Vivo is actually the SECOND thinnest smartphone in the world. The real champion of the thinnest smartphone in the world is actually the 2014 Oppo R5. More than that, the Oppo is also the first ever smartphone in the world to be sold without a headphone jack.

  • Technology Review
    Technology Review


  • No-name -
    No-name -

    Ever wonder what happens to the phones after the vid?

    • Faris Hanafiah
      Faris Hanafiah

      Watch his 'World's Biggest Smartphone Collection?" video.

  • HifiCentret

    Fine the electronics is thin. That should mean more space for the battery - but they choose not to.


    Well I think the iPod touch is thinner

  • mochaxtea

    I thought it was a cotton swab PLS 😭😭

  • Ares Langer
    Ares Langer

    I think the nophone guys were on shark tank... or might of been a similar product

  • Hashim

    3:51 I thought it was green screen 😂

  • Funky Bravo
    Funky Bravo

    5:52 😱😱 The way the wrapper is opened

  • Romax Hub
    Romax Hub

    very interesting and nice explanation.

  • Jack Valderia
    Jack Valderia

    Note on the Impulse : the round thing you found in the box, that looks like a marble, it's actually a marble :) :) :) cause the makers assumed that you must've lost 1 or 2 marbles when you decided to buy their phone :) :) voila mystery solved :) :) :)

  • Fais Faizal
    Fais Faizal

    It's just a few more years till we get PaperCut 5G Pro

  • King

    2:08 this is Iphone 15 Pro Max 5g at $1997 🤣🤣

  • Brice Walleen
    Brice Walleen

    I just got an ad before this video that featured this creator

  • Seby Floristean
    Seby Floristean

    Amogus phone 😳😳😳

  • Itz_Galaxy

    Top ten sus phones

  • Life Journey
    Life Journey

    Where is Oppo R5?

  • Cracked IRON
    Cracked IRON