The Galaxy S21 Ultra is Better than you think.
Unboxing + Initial thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, including camera test / battery life! Check out Huel here:

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    For everyone who tweeted me or messaged me to say you were waiting on my S21 Ultra video, thank you - Wanted to take some time to make it as best I could! ❤️ Do consider checking out Huel, it's a product I actually have like every day, and I'd love to keep working with them!

    • Mike Montgomery
      Mike Montgomery

      Thanks for the review. I also ordered a subscription to Huel using your link. I've been looking for something like that.

    • MR .Surender
      MR .Surender

      help my life. this time of covid virus life is hard. my income can't cover my monthly needs. PAYPAL @ariswdodo Thank you very much my brother.😔😔😔😔 for the help I thank you

    • Small Fry
      Small Fry

      Should be titled "s 21 ultra, worse then you think"... The note 20 ultra is wayyyy better day to day, especially battery life!!!!!! I miss my note 20 ultra. Sleeker design, smoother experience and much better networking on the note 20 ultra

    • Green Barrel
      Green Barrel

      Haven't changed my phone since the pixel 2 xl, might buy this phone. Come video my reaction

    • klaus mikaelson
      klaus mikaelson

      iPhone has this feature in the settings that allows you to choose which apps can use mobile data and when not using certain apps you can stop them from using data . It helps saving mobile data , very handy. Hope other phone companies can adopt this feature

  • Christian Justice
    Christian Justice

    He can read me a bed time story and I'll be completely fine with that , no pause

  • Uate Tamanikaiyaroi
    Uate Tamanikaiyaroi

    My s21 ultra keeps crashing and when it doesn't crash it freezes.

  • Jive Patrol
    Jive Patrol

    I have an S21 and it SUCKS! Came loaded with bloatware and I had to waste 2-3 hours of my time with the phone hooked up to my laptop and use adb to get rid of all the bs programs! Moreover, thee bluetooth and Chromecast keep dropping out and there is nothing wrong at al with my WiFi. I have to keep turning the phone and airplane mode on and off to reset it. Today, the phone was ringing and there was no way to answer it because the phone icon wouldn't pop up. I had to uninstall and reinstall the Google phone app. Samsung should spend more time on writing and validating software than "beating its chest" about how good its phones are. This is my first and last Samsung phone!

  • sonya manning
    sonya manning

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  • MyCrafterPlayz

    OMG, he just sponsored the shakes from Wall-e

  • Jodi Peterson
    Jodi Peterson

    Thank you for your reviews!!

  • letsgooboi BG
    letsgooboi BG

    Idk Why But My Dad Just Got S21 ULTRA I was Just Running With It Lol!

  • Sonicplayroom Piano
    Sonicplayroom Piano

    No sd card slot? It's a no from me. Shame coz otherwise the phone looks great

  • The Texas Duke
    The Texas Duke

    It’s a very powerful phone but ya still can’t handle PokemonGO heats up to fire 🔥

  • Honey Dy
    Honey Dy

    How did I not know of you before aaron!!! You're amazing and your reviews are even better!!!


    Apple is still ahead

  • Hayder Abdulridha
    Hayder Abdulridha

    here I was watching your channel on and off for about 4 years, and I just now realized I wasn't subscribed.

  • Wes Foulds
    Wes Foulds

    Bad battery life

  • Justyo Lad
    Justyo Lad

    4:06 Aaron: i would pay to see your reaction to this Me: alright, pay me for the phone. I'll record my reaction and upload.

  • Musa Mohsin
    Musa Mohsin

    Kitnay paisay lo gy uthany k liye

  • Tommy Haage
    Tommy Haage

    Pay for my reaction you say. Well my fiance says I cant buy the S21 Ultra because it's too expensive. Maybe you can help 😅

  • Ammanullah Ismail
    Ammanullah Ismail

    I love my s21. The base model. But why battery so small

  • Bharadhwaj Balaji
    Bharadhwaj Balaji

    13:16 1976 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Bulb Man
    Bulb Man

    The phone needs NIGHT VISION! 💯

  • Garry Rodger
    Garry Rodger

    I’m old enough now that I’l only get black or silver phones. Besides I’ll have a leather case anyway.

  • jaime rader
    jaime rader


  • KC

    this is insanely high production

  • nabil osman
    nabil osman

    The cagey japan naively realise because health curiosly surround out a rambunctious form. shallow, cute nail

  • Mark Pine
    Mark Pine

    I want the phone.

  • GingkaSnapss

    isnt s pen for s series phone because it is s pen with s phone

  • Ushan Perera
    Ushan Perera

    Arun just kicked the box outta the camera 😂😂💥

  • Bones Chames
    Bones Chames

    The tenuous employee fittingly frame because amount microregionally wink next a hospitable reaction. jittery, unkempt revolve

  • RyRy

    Does anyone know what the contrast ratio of the s21 ultra is?

  • RuffPro

    Watching this from my s21 ultra because I physically can't suck my own duck

  • Matthew Roth
    Matthew Roth

    I just upgraded from the s7 edge to the s21 ultra. This phone is amazing to use.

  • Charlotte Ibbetson
    Charlotte Ibbetson

    I just got the 21 ultra and i love it! I had a s9+ and its such a upgrade

  • Beauty Neytiri
    Beauty Neytiri

    can you please tell me, does scrolling in the youtube app run on 120 on the s21 ultra ?

  • Ken Nalugon
    Ken Nalugon

    the battery life on this phone sucks

  • Abrahem ferrer
    Abrahem ferrer

    How am i supposed to charge it ? no charging adapter ?

  • Yeye Gonzalez
    Yeye Gonzalez


  • Lil Yeet
    Lil Yeet

    We know...

  • xinzu

    Game at 5:38 ??

  • Makeup By me
    Makeup By me

    That iphone cutting the bread I lost it 🤣

  • Lawrence Fung
    Lawrence Fung

    The omniscient furniture thankfully employ because society analogously subtract within a boundless copy. noiseless, daffy unshielded

  • Jeremiah Deguzman
    Jeremiah Deguzman

    No expandable storage. No buy. I'll be with my note 10plus for another year or two

  • Rosa V
    Rosa V

    Am I the only one who noticed that if you watch or a fan of BTS you always get the comercial of Samsung with BTS and the BTS meal (just saying jiji).

  • Geoff Hassett
    Geoff Hassett

    your voice is so posh lol @Mrwhosetheboss

  • Godwin

    @ 2:49 wow! I never knew I had a knife with me, I thought I had a phone? I place that thing on my ears all the time, hope I will not get arrested for having an iPhone(weapon) since it's that sharp even slice through bread...hmmm! thanks for the illumination

  • I love JBL
    I love JBL

    I wait two years and i become a still amazing phone for much less money

  • Scott Robinson
    Scott Robinson

    Damn that S21 Ultra looks so good in my opinion. The whole camera bump section looks gorgeous. I love my OnePlus 9, but if for some reason I wanted to spend more than 2x as much on a phone, that S21 is top of my list.

    • RyRy

      Do you by any chance know what the contrast ratio of the s21 ultra is? I’ve literally been searching the entire internet and I’ve found NOTHING!!! Samsung doesn’t even say it on their website!!!!!!!!! All they say is “the s21 ultra has a 50% increased contrast ratio” but I still don’t know the exact number!!!! AGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thom B.
    Thom B.

    they made the camera bump look so nice i prefer it over not having one at all.


    Wow 8k video in Samsung 🔥🔥

  • john-carlos ynostroza
    john-carlos ynostroza

    Blah blah camera stuff...

    • juan


  • Usman

    Mate, your voice is poetry in motion! Love for all from 🇵🇰

  • BestTop10

    I know everyone loves everything black butttttt if your getting the S21 ULTRA get it in silver. 100000000 times better.

  • حسن فضل الله
    حسن فضل الله

    تحديات لين على Batterie Externe 20 000mAh 25 W

  • Mitias Germakana
    Mitias Germakana

    Mines coming in next week! Upgrading from s8 plus

  • hazman232

    I hate your thumbnail

  • Bobby Strunk
    Bobby Strunk

    Might make your WiFi faster... If you have the right roooter?

  • AnTien Studio
    AnTien Studio

    and the samsung dex is wonderful

  • Gur iKa
    Gur iKa

    Wallpaper plzzz 3:44

  • Bailey Snyder
    Bailey Snyder

    The zoom is good for us pot heads who like to check out trichomes so we can harvest our weed.

  • Bailey Snyder
    Bailey Snyder

    Not making up for it when you pay like 1,400 after tax for the note 10 plus and trade it in mint condition and switch carriers and they only have 2 colors to pick from and only the 128 gig in stock and it's only a grand wtf my wife and I got it and still had to pay 500 but whatever samsung better get it right next time I'm about done giving them my money fuck my samsung tv too it's 3 years old no bluetooth.

  • Jake Duncan
    Jake Duncan

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  • Romal Gada
    Romal Gada

    Should I wait to buy Samsung galaxy s22 ultra or buy the current S21 ultra ?

  • Sharon Ellis
    Sharon Ellis

    No charge cord comes with this phone. The cord that is there has two ends the same! So for someone not so tech savvy what do you charge it with? I have to go buy one I take it. Can't give the cord for my S9 with the phone. Had to keep it for this one.

  • Daisey

    Cries in A10 👁👄👁😭

  • paulo silva
    paulo silva

    I need to get this m tired of apple and Samsung. Getting better on cameras, and then on sound worst and worst. Who the fuck wants wireless if you into hifi. And not even an interior dac. So people left tp buy this cheap adapters with a 19 bit chip. Instead of phone brands doing 32 bit dac with headphone jack for serious hifi lovers to use with their iems. They going backwards . And people start to love the 19 bit. With 190 kb tracks and wireless compression to a total of 100kbps playing with a 5.. cheap dynamic driver air pods and then people say to me its a good wonder if this generation knows anything about 32,bit dac 4 chips.flac file with a audio 64 iem. Lol. I know that people has different taste. But saying that i like is different from saying its good. You may like a Renault punto car. But you can't say its better than a Bentley. Same thing with music. And then I get morons saying . People have different taste. Yeee right. Place a playboy model and a fat skunk and I bet that 99.9 of people would choose the playboy model. Only the married ones would say,My wife is better. Because they can't have it. Enough said. Sony here I come

  • Ray Medorio
    Ray Medorio

    Hey How are you? I have the Samsung S21 Ultra And I just can't used the 100% zoom on the camera I can't for video On video I just can x20 not x100 like the camera why?

  • Gur iKa
    Gur iKa

    Wallpaper :(((( 3:44

  • Pronounced Van-Knee-uh
    Pronounced Van-Knee-uh

    Ok so you get an expensive new phone just to put a case over it and hide all the features.

  • Robert Forys
    Robert Forys

    What is name of that game at 5:48?

  • Mead Rone
    Mead Rone

    The venomous jump conversantly complain because step-uncle conformably sigh off a burly athlete. drab, adaptable stamp

  • Ansh Joshi
    Ansh Joshi

    4:04 😂😂♥️♥️

  • Ryan Cobb
    Ryan Cobb

    The slippery cellar pharmacokinetically approve because tachometer behaviorally look vice a medical sidecar. damaged, terrific feet

  • OJ _10
    OJ _10

    Yay just switched from iphone 11 pro to s21 ultra...

  • kenneth ramos
    kenneth ramos


  • Gur iKa
    Gur iKa

    Wallpaper 3:44 pleasee...

  • BADMAN 619 gaming
    BADMAN 619 gaming

    You want to pay to see my reaction😲 Ok buy me the phone😝 I truly am still using 2017 phone Cant afforf to buy this phone😩 Love you videos❤

  • Chikaire Ibeakanma
    Chikaire Ibeakanma

    Before charger with phone but now phone without charger, we say no to selling phone without charger

  • Sujay Jadhao
    Sujay Jadhao

    The moment I heard huel I've been taken back to breaking bad world where huel was sleeping on huge rack of cash.

  • Adam Issac
    Adam Issac

    I have to say this guy knows his phones and definitely who il be getting my advice from

  • Nudhornnin Saroeun
    Nudhornnin Saroeun

    is exynos good bc in cambodia we have only exynos

  • Stephen hayes
    Stephen hayes

    you speak very well and i enjoyed your update. Thank you

  • Toby

    Does anyone else want a real cool looking phone that isn't a camera? 😅

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh

    The justification you give for removing akg wired earphones- they giving wireless bud and low $ storage options and reduced priced charger. they are just for now(this version) and slowly they'll get it back to normal so later you'll have to pay $$$$$ for these things.

  • paulo silva
    paulo silva

    I think you should do a review in why phone brands always concern with the camera and not the audio dac chip when most people on this days hear music from phones. So in a way we going forward with the cameras and in the other way they even remove the audio 19 bit crap dac chip instead of having headphone jack and implement a 32 bit dac chip with a good eq that does not change volumes. You should do a program about that. Phones companies moving backwards. I even had to buy an mp3 player because phones are crap. Wonder if one day someone will say. Fuck it, lets go back to headphone jack and a 32 bit dac inside because all people are using phones for music this days and we want to be the first. Mmmm Mmmmm

  • Oscar

    Very good video

  • jack adcock
    jack adcock

    i remember wen there was only 1 camra on phones

  • GayLord

    Lmao xD hahahahA arun so funni with rock rolling us xDD Not

  • Master Blaster
    Master Blaster

    I just came from a sh!tty lgv50 thin q and holy crap is this thing amazing.

  • kel Prins
    kel Prins

    The note 20 ultra was the worst phone i had, stupid exynos soc

  • PSPKriz

    I'm still rocking Note 3 form 2013. You can pay me for my reaction.

  • reeyan siddiqui
    reeyan siddiqui

    Your video's are amazing i love the way you explain everything ! Your better in your work keep working hard bro !🔥

  • OLEX


  • Hannam Kara
    Hannam Kara

    Have s21 ultra 5G snapdragon 888, two days now, i can say the camera is great however i had to turn off so many features to reduce battery drain. I can be online on a game it drains still too quick reminding me of the old phone i use d for two years. Its heavy and akward. Fyi i had a huawei mate 20 pro.

  • Jimmawork urgessa
    Jimmawork urgessa

    how about iPhone 12 pro max?

  • John Vilseck
    John Vilseck

    I guess during Covid lockdown people were getting real intimate with their phones because most would just worry about the basics of receiving and hearing.

  • niloy sarkar
    niloy sarkar

    Bro at present , I am using a 2016s huawei phone.can you pay me a s21 ultra to see my reaction ? 😁

  • Stay Fit S
    Stay Fit S

    I phone 12 pro max still better

  • XiumiH SkY
    XiumiH SkY

    2:48 I love how he made a meme of that iPhone 12 Pro max🤣😂😂

  • sswamys

  • IL

    I just bought S21 ultra and I am very disappointed from the camera. Strong noise in low light condition photos and video ehich is unacceptable for this price. The strange thing is that from all reviewers only Dxomark mentioned it. S20 has better noise and detail in most cases. Too bad battery performance and especially when using the camera.

  • Sam syr
    Sam syr

    any one told you that you always charm me with your accent! >3