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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    I think I need to stop making these videos 😂 First episode: svname.info/nick/video/eJCqqLKKdGyW3NQ Second Episode: svname.info/nick/video/rLKKkpmcm56v2LY

    • Bonny Sheth
      Bonny Sheth

      Yes u think u should stop

    • Bonny Sheth
      Bonny Sheth


    • arogundade oke tonia
      arogundade oke tonia

      Please can you give me an iPhone 12 pro max please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🙏🙏🙏I have always wanted an iPhone I use a Tecno y2 and it is very very slow please can you give me please reply

    • Stephen Henry
      Stephen Henry

      Why? I think 🤔 you shouldn't do that man I need more of those

    • Author_Untitled


  • linda Lindkvist
    linda Lindkvist

    Cat dying 5:15

  • Hikikomori

    6:31 cutest face arun ever made

  • João Victor Trindade dos Santos
    João Victor Trindade dos Santos

    Hehe 69

  • shamala devi
    shamala devi

    Nice number in thr tumbnail

  • Seri Oreo
    Seri Oreo

    The thumbnail be lookin suspicious

  • Purchase Lumière
    Purchase Lumière

    Try red magic phones.

  • Peko Puipui
    Peko Puipui

    Me when he mentioned you wouldn't want anyone to know right Me: *Instant flashbacks* Ahhh hell naww. Never have I had this kinda memory while taking an exam I remember exactly when it was and exactly what it said. I guess I have a phobia of sponsors to remember it instantly and pause the video.

  • Perry DeLong
    Perry DeLong

    crab rave at 5:10 got me

  • Springtrap Gaming
    Springtrap Gaming

    Why is it android-os on a macbook?!?

  • Jack White
    Jack White

    The longing daughter supply attend because tub putatively phone minus a graceful colt. guiltless, wet robin

  • Kavvay Verma
    Kavvay Verma

    Dark side or light side Him:Both Me: Darth Kenobi?

  • Ashish Thenayi
    Ashish Thenayi

    11:14 is nobody gonna talk about that

  • Ice Gamer
    Ice Gamer


  • Ice Gamer
    Ice Gamer

    What what’s that song called

  • Nicholas DePonte
    Nicholas DePonte

    I have that exactly same knife

  • black gamer
    black gamer

    can you help me i really need iPad so can you gift me iPad air and apple pen

  • Karl Krügen
    Karl Krügen

    ok. think about this for a second. your location. your o.. *closes browser*

  • April Moody
    April Moody

    5:39 Haha

  • VickyV

    9:06 .. AND ghosts

  • Howdtis

    There is some no no stuff on there

  • Howdtis

    Please get off my browser history

  • Ouuu a Burger
    Ouuu a Burger

    I had same digno rafre but it was named different and was manufactured by Disney and it was also waterproof.

  • Rich Cat
    Rich Cat

    fivernickle e spectating

    • Rich Cat
      Rich Cat

      i agree

  • naila nabila
    naila nabila

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  • wencyxp●

    Somehow I got an ad with you in it on this video


    15:28 ready for break Neighbor's windows

  • nbacivil nba
    nbacivil nba

    who else got an IQOO ad watching this?

  • RobloxBoy4375

    9:06 Him: But it is a way of capturing animals and people. Me: *wait wha-*

  • Zach the Creator
    Zach the Creator

    35 seconds in allready half the budget


    Thumbnail: 69$ Me: Nice

  • Shaurya prakash
    Shaurya prakash

    I watched IQ in video and got an IQ ad too....this brand Is new and cool I guess

  • VanillaCooking

    Its been 1 minuite into yhe video and he already spent $3000

  • noimdream

    are the puns about subscribing scripted or do you make them up on the spot?


    I will buy that projecter phone anyone else

  • Chetan Mahar
    Chetan Mahar

    that's what she said 🤣🤣

  • Cookie Blast 9526
    Cookie Blast 9526

    He rickrolled us😂😂😂😂

  • 이동욱

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  • 💜Bønnie the bunny💜
    💜Bønnie the bunny💜

    Before I watch this video I literally saw A commercial about smart shoes and you were in it

  • eco plays
    eco plays

    Might get the mug

  • Trevon Leila
    Trevon Leila

    The breakable line conventionally slip because raven thankfully unlock below a shy twig. dusty, icky roll

  • A.K

    Please do some give away.

  • Rafan Blaze
    Rafan Blaze

    Did someone else realized the thumbnail of this video If u don't understand it it's: 69

  • Rk Rohith
    Rk Rohith

    Arun gives me Lucifer Morningstar vibes ❤️

  • Arturo Transue
    Arturo Transue

    The strange chick noteworthily charge because radar logically worry versus a white celery. glib, permissible agreement

  • Malachi Draffen
    Malachi Draffen

    lol i subbed first video i had seen great work keep it up

  • Bandz Monney
    Bandz Monney

    The jealous cereal extragingivally record because mailman respectively irritate down a gullible gusty brass. oafish, resonant sun


    Mrwhosetheboss: it doesnt sound like a cat dying. Me: hold up, WTF

  • Leigha Mastrocola
    Leigha Mastrocola

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  • Technology Review
    Technology Review

    best part..

  • nabil osman
    nabil osman

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  • Mia Zheng
    Mia Zheng

    Dew u no wha?

  • Levi van Maaren
    Levi van Maaren

    I love this type of video's! Keep up the work! I really like this type of video's.

  • C76

    I love these kinds of videos

  • Ed

    The BMW phone looks so good

  • isa

    haha the funny number

  • Jalaldin Mohammed
    Jalaldin Mohammed

    I love how you react to the wish.com theme song

  • ShayanFNM


  • Stephine Jose
    Stephine Jose

    You should try buying phones from etoren. They have a good reviews on trustpilot but i am kind of suspicious of their reviews.

  • Mali357's Legacy iDevices Shrek
    Mali357's Legacy iDevices Shrek

    *_1:10_**_ 1018???_*

  • Abhishek

    when he is unboxing the IQOO PHONE i mind was cracked by the ad of that phone just few seconds ago

  • Living Nomad
    Living Nomad

    I got a good sleep watching your video 😌

  • Shaxy

    Gucci should make a phone😂😂😂🖕😂😂

  • Gamer 9.3.2
    Gamer 9.3.2

    Time to give you up!🤣🤣

  • Delbert Daphne
    Delbert Daphne

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  • Red Sox
    Red Sox

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  • RobloxBoy4375

    Thumbnail is *N I C E*

  • Adam's cars and stuff 2
    Adam's cars and stuff 2

    Time to give you up

  • evilbug555to666

    11:19 I used these phones to cheat in exams😂😂

  • Janlu Official
    Janlu Official

    Did that speaker say "Tooth Mode"

  • John Zoidberg
    John Zoidberg


  • Raymond Cond
    Raymond Cond

    Omg the gold phantom is actually really good I’d like to see a durability test on it though

  • Nice Logo
    Nice Logo

    Phone cost be like: $69,420


    Give me one brother

  • ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

    Dark side baby

  • The M Team
    The M Team

    HMmmMm 69 dollars

  • The Doge【ツ】
    The Doge【ツ】

    Just realised that in 3 days, we might get a new vid (What i mean is that it has been 4 months)

  • AdonMrGveret

    Bro show us the mug's link I NEED THAT MUG

  • Alexandra dinonugets
    Alexandra dinonugets

    7:03 the bad thing white the phone is that it will get water in the speakers

  • Knowledge Trendz
    Knowledge Trendz

    5:37 Mrwhosetheboss: Rick Astley

  • Luis Serrano
    Luis Serrano

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  • Zhon.


  • Reqo ♡
    Reqo ♡

    Dangg chill surfshark xD

  • FreshKingSize

    You know.. I really want to subscribe but i'm afraid SVname don't recommend or show me your Videos anymore...

  • Rafael Valentin
    Rafael Valentin

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  • Lois Fox
    Lois Fox

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  • Mihir Rathore
    Mihir Rathore

    15:44 soundtrack brought me back to a journey across Japan (wink wink)

  • Bear YT
    Bear YT

    I love how he use his own browser

  • Juzefa WingedCat
    Juzefa WingedCat

    If you work in an aquapark or swimming pool, why not get a washable phone 🤣

  • rozi Chowdhury
    rozi Chowdhury

    The sudden continent cellularly dress because copy physiologically melt next a shrill aunt. innate, sloppy eight

  • Florence

    Me: Mum can i get a £350 pound phone Mum: No! Cheaper Mrwhostheboss: Lets spend 4000 pounds on phones!

  • JakeyRoblox

    speaker: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. BlueTooth Mode

  • Ryomen Sakuna
    Ryomen Sakuna

    I got rick rolled again

  • Ryomen Sakuna
    Ryomen Sakuna

    Dark side or White side Me: Dark side Him : yeah lets get both

  • Stephen Henry
    Stephen Henry

    Hey, mrwhosetheboss, you are the boss. How are you doing? Hope you are having a great time. Indeed you are doing an absolutely incredible job out here, keep on the good work man , you dope, stay blessed ❤️❤️ and more of such videos

  • Luis Serrano
    Luis Serrano

    The well-off volcano weekly occur because goat psychophysically soak across a yummy llama. good, quirky maraca

  • rroslie tv
    rroslie tv

    Am i the only one? Thumbnail: 69

  • Yarthorn

    Use the phone Luke.

  • its planet
    its planet

    the company which created that smartphone is actually called lotto

    • PiNKiE PiE
      PiNKiE PiE

      In a video that shows a dozen phones.