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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    First video in a while! But we've got LOTS Cooking now 😈If you could own any tech from this video, which would it be? To see my best phones of 2021 so far: svname.info/nick/video/aKhsjo-piIqy1NQ

    • Treetop Jones
      Treetop Jones

      @Ziad Hegazy Google S. a51 tips.

    • Elite Emerald
      Elite Emerald

      Probably the mini laptop

    • lado ahmed
      lado ahmed

      Maybe the laptop or iPhone or camera or ye idrk but either one of these

    • MTR The meme Hunter
      MTR The meme Hunter

      Ayo, can I get a link to where you bought that mini PS5 from?

    • Roy T.
      Roy T.

      That small working laptop looked very nice

  • bad boy yt 1.0
    bad boy yt 1.0

    the iphone? is the 4th iphone

  • Ebrahiem Arend
    Ebrahiem Arend

    I would like that iphone of one dollar ya

  • Anderw etqubal
    Anderw etqubal


  • David J. Wallace
    David J. Wallace

    Video idea: Find the best of all the gadgets and see if you can use them for normal day in your life. See how it goes, and then tell us of these products can be used in day to day life, or if they are rendered useless.a

  • Isaiah Ball
    Isaiah Ball

    you didnt...

  • Elinore Dominic
    Elinore Dominic

    The highfalutin carrot informally roll because hole retrospectively replace before a silly lawyer. big, odd yoke

  • Graidy Fitzgerald
    Graidy Fitzgerald


  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    5:43 "it does actually work, to be fair" * Continues to spread the dust while nothing happens *

  • Shahid Facto
    Shahid Facto

    The hardest thing a small youTuber can feel is when you wake up in the morning and nothing has changed on your SVname

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu

      I kinda want that laptop

  • Treetop Jones
    Treetop Jones

    Wish: comedy gold.

  • Charles Hercules
    Charles Hercules

    So i just got rick rolled with the world's smallest projector. 🙄

  • muhamad alif
    muhamad alif

    Can i get one of those thing maybe mini Android becouse im at hostel and my scholl dont allow us to bring smart phone

    • muhamad alif
      muhamad alif

      Just kidding

  • Banan

    21:07 - 21:15 ...I say Sh#t

  • Grafp Rafl
    Grafp Rafl

    Cat got a 💻 laptop 😂

  • AshRoblox

    Nokia losers be like: Ooo time to switch my phone to small phone

  • Steve games
    Steve games

    “Oh boo hoo, let me press F on the worlds tiniest keyboard”

  • alkalaz_yt

    11:46 and if you don’t see the message then you are not very smart

  • Y L
    Y L

    YOU are just adorably entertaining!!!

  • Emily Andrews
    Emily Andrews

    The mouse you got isn't the smallest i got one a few years ago that was very small i might actually still have it

  • Bruce Weborg
    Bruce Weborg

    First-time watcher loved it probably get the 4.5 ulc cool F1

  • Ribs

    Didn't even rate the soyes7S+

  • Thunderluigi 32
    Thunderluigi 32

    I like how it scrolled when his hands were of his laptop

  • ForcefighterX2

    Lol - so the lumen scam did not end yet. Haven't seen an LED online with true lumen specifications in years. The number goes up and up because no one has a sensor for measuring lumen at home, so the technical unit has been degraded to scam marketing only. If you read the specs, you find that many of the LEDs use the same diodes and voltages from the same manufacturers - but the lumen constantly changes. :-D

  • Jayden FRUIT LOOPS
    Jayden FRUIT LOOPS

    8:35 how he opened it LOL


    *I kinda want that laptop*

  • Nandipha Ndhlovu
    Nandipha Ndhlovu

    The app he used for the temperature testing is called flir one

  • BTS and GAMING
    BTS and GAMING

    Its incredible to think that I found out about him when he just hit 2 million subs. Congrats dude your like the greatest tech reviewer and have helped me make many choices!

  • Dragonflies Comics
    Dragonflies Comics

    8:18 oh wow!

  • Aiden Hornsby
    Aiden Hornsby

    I've been rickrolled😐 My bro: just go with it

  • •strxberry _cow•
    •strxberry _cow•

    2 secs later I lost the phone

  • Julian Angel
    Julian Angel

    8:18 is the best small thing 😏

  • Stephen D
    Stephen D

    this man is such a legend he managed to rick roll us on the world's smallest projector

  • V5

    The usb mini fridge looks sus

  • •I i c e x c r e m e•
    •I i c e x c r e m e•

    That’s the cutest devices I have ever seen

  • Piano Rags Lad
    Piano Rags Lad

    2:23 that would be horrible to use

  • DaVince ZA
    DaVince ZA

    I love you so much😹

  • abby ruth
    abby ruth

    Ho ho ho I'm homosexual :)

  • Happy Bear
    Happy Bear

    Ok dhar man

  • the cubical gamer
    the cubical gamer

    You have the same coloures of joycons I do

  • the reaper
    the reaper

    16:33 i bet everyone here did the same

  • anton ladefoged
    anton ladefoged

    11:55 69 uss 6.9$ mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sus

  • cimbakahn

    Mrwhosetheboss: Is there any way that you can sharpen up the Ali Express pages? I can't read what is on the pages. I would like to see you do a review of the Alldocube iPlay 40 Tablet, and the Alldocube F40 earbuds. www.alldocube.com/en/products/iplay40/ & www.alldocube.com/en/products/f40/ Thank you!

  • Gabriel Claycamp
    Gabriel Claycamp

    The smallest projector *SO COOL* *plays never gonna give you up* Me*f*ck you

  • Victor Perez
    Victor Perez

    8:16 the smallest iphone in 2021 that is a high end one

  • Detona Games
    Detona Games

    the prices: 69 96 69

  • Penelope Chen
    Penelope Chen

    17:47 I have one of those. I got it from a camp since flying drones was an activity. I can tell by the pricing how they managed to get like 150 kids drones. (They're pretty bad in my experience)

  • Kaleb Shemberger
    Kaleb Shemberger

    17:30 What are you talking about that looks like your quality. get roasted!!!!!!

  • Kautilya Roll no. Nahi pta
    Kautilya Roll no. Nahi pta

    I need your voice as my siri 😭😭😭

  • Mohamad Scar
    Mohamad Scar

    the last phone is a iphone 4

  • Asad Marji
    Asad Marji

    The delirious seat synchronously signal because jelly behaviorally collect next a rightful balinese. numberless, wooden neon

  • Millicent Elekwachi
    Millicent Elekwachi

    those tiny fones would make good spy walkie talkie

  • Millicent Elekwachi
    Millicent Elekwachi

    hey pls send them they seem so useful 😂

  • Kumtael DemonLord
    Kumtael DemonLord

    When iwas young phones with keyboards were same size as those "mini" phones... Find smallest phone ever made and u will see what to mean MIMI xD

  • Alpha Playz
    Alpha Playz

    16:49 me watching this on a Lg Stylo 6: 👁👄👁

  • ptenhaaf2

    First look at fridge Sus

  • LakePark Films
    LakePark Films

    Did he not remember that when he put the tea in it was 66 degrees Celsius and when he took it out it was 18 degrees Celsius. That sounds like an amazing refrigerator


    When you were able to plug the mouse into the tiny laptop, something inside me told me I needed to buy the laptop

  • Joseph NHL game vidoes
    Joseph NHL game vidoes


  • Niamh Cruise
    Niamh Cruise

    what are you going to do with all the phones

  • Marvin Albert
    Marvin Albert

    Can you do a giveaway with the mini phones? I've never won a giveaway, but i love mini's with all my heart! and it would be awesome to get one because i dont have, or my family does not have the money..

  • андр Пцпцп
    андр Пцпцп

    The brief capital bacteriologically force because heat plausibly jail from a dramatic select. general gentle, ossified trip

  • LXNonControlerYT

    4:05 that’s what she said

  • lerio perez
    lerio perez

    8:18 amazing device must see this!

  • FlacealToXic


  • Jimmy Jon Films
    Jimmy Jon Films

    he looks like a happy little kid! 20:27

  • Carl

    5:28 I want that speakerrrr!!! that is perfect

  • Monica Dixon
    Monica Dixon

    The innate farm pharmacologically battle because jewel rahilly jail mid a curious stock. infamous, cooing windshield

  • Tyrece Santana
    Tyrece Santana

    The panicky quicksand ontogenically examine because team namely bare atop a unadvised billboard. harmonious, impolite badge

  • Chris Björn
    Chris Björn

    Those are prison phones. People bring them into prisons in their butts.

  • Aditya Gupta
    Aditya Gupta

    2:20 twss

  • Syahmi Norizan
    Syahmi Norizan

    Let's check on the tea from earlier. ...... These cats.

  • Iqbal Toosa
    Iqbal Toosa

    Arun suggest me a mobile phone from$150-$250

  • kekkle chong
    kekkle chong

    okay but what about the people who wanted to see each phone unboxed 💀

  • Milao Ellinika
    Milao Ellinika

    Should i buy Soyes XS11/7S ?

  • Hyperipezero6

    Rip King Kong 1:02 to 1:04 👑🦍🐵🎥

  • v3xman

    19:44 isn't that the PS5 that Austin broke

  • MD. Abu Al Akhlak II
    MD. Abu Al Akhlak II

    8:19 woah!

  • Hi, I'm Blue.
    Hi, I'm Blue.

    His voice is so soothing😅…

  • MonkeyLess

    2:08 look at search

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni

    Im not gonna lie, my favorite part here is the look on his face when he played that remote controled mini drone, it was super hilarious!

  • Damn Zev
    Damn Zev

    Gaming test pls



    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni

      is he mrbeast son bcuz he have a lot money i like him new subscriber


    Do it for the biggest gadgets.

  • Devl


  • jhack1766

    You should give all these products away in a giveaway! Each product to someone different!?👍🏼🤙🏼

  • Jaya Pizza
    Jaya Pizza

    I have that mini fridge!!!!😱😱😱

  • Ari Tyson
    Ari Tyson

    The mini laptop would actually be the little brother of a Surface Laptop since it's running Windows 😂

  • Hafizh Maulana
    Hafizh Maulana

    He is soo Chill at Buying stuff and not like other SVnamers that Scream Very loud when they buy like idk a Book or something

  • burning atom
    burning atom

    can i buy them



  • غزوان دبيس
    غزوان دبيس

    I got rickrolled watch out when he tries the projector

  • Jenine Graves-Guillaume
    Jenine Graves-Guillaume

    8:19you got rickrolled 🤣

  • Stiiizyking

    Yo that Russian tv was a bad idea I would stay away from that if I were you

  • bla2e

    Your prison pocket will appreciate these technologies

  • Baqua virus [Bored]
    Baqua virus [Bored]

    That cat is adorable

  • Noah Jablonski
    Noah Jablonski

    Wtf.. we didn't get to see the dice camera 😒


    is he mrbeast son bcuz he have a lot money i like him new subscriber

  • MiloApianCat099 Gamer
    MiloApianCat099 Gamer

    Aww i have a cat named Milo as well orange too

  • Brian Moore
    Brian Moore

    if it doesn't exist irlthen how are you using them?