How THIS instagram story kills your phone.
This instagram story from pgtalal can crash your phone in an instant...but HOW? and WHY? Let's find out. Subscribe if you enjoyed!
Thanks to Ananay for helping, his original tweet is here:

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Spent a few too many sleepless nights working on this one - Do consider sharing this message if you found it useful / interesting! 👊 Slight correction - I've been told the arabic text translates to "Check the next story" and "something so pretty" - I'm blaming Google Translate 😂 UPDATE - Instagram has finally fixed the crashing! They've actually implemented the rule we talk about in this video! To see my last video about crazy inventions: To see the most expensive phone unboxing you've ever seen:

    • chocolate bar 15
      chocolate bar 15

      How do you add to your Instagram stories?

    • Muhammad Jalal
      Muhammad Jalal

      @ItzDopey yeah

    • Sam Brett
      Sam Brett

      Wait so I can press on the story

    • hex_ memes-
      hex_ memes-

      im an arabic suadi guy and the arabic translate is absoultly wrong

    • PewDiepie Sup
      PewDiepie Sup


  • Davion Lutz
    Davion Lutz

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  • Luigi Maxwell
    Luigi Maxwell


  • 0514

    What I learned after watching: Android is better than Apple

  • Huff LePuff
    Huff LePuff

    He’s just 14??

  • Fluffy

    i speak arabic and the white story says go check the other story after that

  • denny danile
    denny danile

    Anyway he is seeing it

  • Siem Overbeeke
    Siem Overbeeke

    That begingen🤣 this guys story will kill your phone but that obviously not true- oh sh-

  • Morgan Freeman _ but not
    Morgan Freeman _ but not

    Someone needs to @ Insta

  • Bond Alanna
    Bond Alanna

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  • Shamanta Naik
    Shamanta Naik

    I had opened this on my Redmi Note 8 ..It just freezed for 2 to 3 seconds and then Instagram got closed automatically.

  • • Aizeal •
    • Aizeal •

    Will it work on an Oppo A5s or will it crash?? Just wondering

  • Rock 1 2 4
    Rock 1 2 4

    I know now how to kill an garbage iphone

  • TSL

    Cat Do Be Staring Doe 9:37

  • Leonardo Gilbert
    Leonardo Gilbert

    All I heard was iphone is shit 🤣

  • richards5800

    Thumbs down.. don't diss Nokia..

  • MysteriousBook

    *Direct translations of arabic texts W/ TimeStamps* 1:18 it says ‘look at the story after this’ 1:28 on the android it says ‘something suuuper nice’ 2:52 google translate is so wrong, talal is using modern arabic so its pretty scuffed. The highlight on the Left says ‘something niiiiiiiice’ and on the right it says ‘something very nice’ Its obvious he wants people to click just to fall into the trap lol

  • Just A Random Person :)
    Just A Random Person :)

    Everyone talking about how talal did it at 14 years age, but no one is talking about how cute the little kitty is!

  • ʟɪɢʜᴛ ᴢᴏʟᴅʏᴄᴋ
    ʟɪɢʜᴛ ᴢᴏʟᴅʏᴄᴋ

    I’m kinda glad I can understand the Arabic text bc I’m Arab

  • Olivia Rean
    Olivia Rean

    Holy crap this was genuinely riveting

  • Rimjhim Poddar
    Rimjhim Poddar

    That guy is incredible..!!!!!!!

  • UltraPortal

    I dont have insta so yeah

  • Bowen

    Has anybody tried it recently is it safe to click now

  • OXER


  • 2134

    Is no one gonna talk about the cat just walking infront of the camera?

  • Max Krimmer
    Max Krimmer

    of course it's something arabic

  • dsghfve dshgfe
    dsghfve dshgfe

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  • Fruityfruit1 :D
    Fruityfruit1 :D

    this is a great video

  • shivanand1947

    Here's the pgtalal text شوف الستوري اللي بعد ذا

  • Pliny Halver
    Pliny Halver

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    so happy to be an android user

  • Mr DoubleVoice
    Mr DoubleVoice

    How do I do this

  • Tej Panchal
    Tej Panchal

    I have a friend who is just 15 and made MOST safest GTA V Online mod, I m using it for 2 years and no issue came, HE MADE IT WHEN HE WAS 13 !!! His mod is not for sale tho, but i cant believe how mastermind are these kids,

  • zoinks

    Btw it says "look at the next story" yes I'm arab

  • Zinann

    Talal you’re so genius lmfao🥶/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ To anyone reading this comment Thank you You’re welcome

  • Muntasha Mehzaben Miti
    Muntasha Mehzaben Miti

    Time to show this to my Cousin Sister

  • RocketZX

    "iphone isn't built for this" well i've used that line quite a bit haha...

  • Jofe Khate Calumbiran
    Jofe Khate Calumbiran


  • Gmrboy3

    Kitten!!!!!! So cute 🥰 🐱 9:29

  • W.D Gaster
    W.D Gaster

    My mans broke Instagram at the age of 14 while I'm 18 and still reading webtoon.

  • Marleto


  • Justin wyte
    Justin wyte

    tudo graças a topntch.hacker no Insta, ele me ajudou a recuperar minha conta roubada no Twitter. agradeço topnotch.hacker no Instagram por mim e eu o recomendo fortemente..

  • Justin wyte
    Justin wyte

    tudo graças a topntch.hacker no Insta, ele me ajudou a recuperar minha conta roubada no Twitter. agradeço topnotch.hacker no Instagram por mim e eu o recomendo fortemente..

  • Léo Gallot
    Léo Gallot

    video s content is extended in order to reach 10min. could havec been a 3min video. kinda disapointed

  • Toky0

    Learn from Teachers < learn from Mrwhosetheboss

  • SpawnKillzZ_YT

    ههههه هكر بلعب pubg

  • Ahmed build and distruct
    Ahmed build and distruct

    I understand because of duolingo arabic but I have Samsung Galaxy a10s what will it do to it

  • envy serenity
    envy serenity

    I remember this dude shouting out a account like this and I clicked on it and nothing happened

  • envy serenity
    envy serenity

    Lol you could just turn off your phone then put it back on😂

  • عامر خالد
    عامر خالد


  • hunterシ

    6:18 ah he does it even single time.

  • hamaster gaming
    hamaster gaming

    wat happend try it on pc

  • Rayhaan

    This was scary dude what the heck pgtalal?!

  • Dr Plague 2021
    Dr Plague 2021


  • BlurryVR

    laughs in Android

  • Mohamed Yamak
    Mohamed Yamak

    Does this Kill a Samsung a21s?

  • Lemondude69


  • Majd

    شوف الستوري اللي بعد ذا .. صيده يا شباب صيده

  • Exotik

    He probably doesn't like apple

  • •cloudy•

    That kid is 14!!??? I can’t even open a tab 🥺

  • Sam Pharma
    Sam Pharma

    Now, I'm a fan of this brilliant Talal kid ... crazy skills and ideas at age of 14.

  • hamzah jafar
    hamzah jafar

    خرب الانستجرام علينا يلد

  • JMH 999
    JMH 999

    he is very clever!!! and he is 14 only!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JMH 999
      JMH 999

      اول شخص عربي يهكر انستقرام

  • Fearless

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  • fairybarbz

    I love Android's and iPhones I'm a android user

  • Artistic Riff-raff
    Artistic Riff-raff

    I linked it into a collage project And 89 apple users opened the project lol

  • BLJ memes
    BLJ memes

    What happens if someone open that story on a pc?

  • ꧁*𝑝𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑐𝑠𝑒𝑠𝑠*꧂

    𝐼 𝑡𝑟𝑦 𝑡ℎ𝑜

  • hydro lunik
    hydro lunik

    Was I the only one who got his shoe ad just before this video

  • twice

    he’s amazing!!

  • Nandar Kurniawan327
    Nandar Kurniawan327



    Why is it always iphone

  • man fart
    man fart

    He nearly said sh*t

  • mu116688

    Another prime example that one should assume every single bit of data sent to your backend server is for malicious purposes. Filter any requests with weird parameters and sanitize them before storing the data and publishing. Also, if you are using your phone to store important data such as financial details, refrain from trying on these "trendy" bugs. You never know when such seemingly harmless bugs were actually bad enough to be an ACE exploit.

  • Abby Chapple
    Abby Chapple

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  • Vernon Armstrong
    Vernon Armstrong

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  • Minur

    translation:look at (a movie i think) after this

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    Jean Alaman

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  • its OHTMANE
    its OHTMANE

    bro the Arabic is very genius look a man a ARABIC man you wont beilive what e didi he hack GOOGLE like a 2hours really and you can searches about OUSSAMA BEN DALLAJ he hack a entire bank bro my bain is blowing up and am arabic too and a subscriber

  • Zizo Plays
    Zizo Plays

    Fun fact: Know You Know Android is Stronger then iPhone hehe

    • Withro Anime Edits
      Withro Anime Edits

      Now* also, no. There was another video on android not being able to have a wallpaper because of one pixel that was out of the colour range.

  • blx•x•b3•xxts


  • Noni Lollipop
    Noni Lollipop

    For Android users who have with on and off buttons: You can hold "off" and "volume down" for 10 seconds or more to instantly restart your phone!

  • Completing Me
    Completing Me

    That's an awesome case study...Need more videos like this

  • Tommy Haage
    Tommy Haage

    He has taken those stories down.

  • Ash.ash_kun OwO
    Ash.ash_kun OwO

    Okay that’s creepy why does the person speak Arabic too that just makes it worse for me-

  • slmphenbrn 2
    slmphenbrn 2

    Mom and Dad: we are not geting a new phone until your phone brokes Me: haha Instagram go brr

  • Ismael Goldsteck
    Ismael Goldsteck

    Webkit go brrrr

  • Emiway Vivek
    Emiway Vivek

    Thanks for information 💚👽❗

  • Kasen Arnold
    Kasen Arnold

    It doesn’t freeze my phone

  • Master Jai
    Master Jai

    Pgtalal on HTTP Proxy: Hahaha numbers go BrRRRrRrRrRRrrRR

  • Lil’ Strawberry
    Lil’ Strawberry

    Woooow !!

  • Lil’ Strawberry
    Lil’ Strawberry

    It's not "bittersweet things" It's "a very good thing" i think it's Saoudi dialect

  • DJRemixcraft The Gamer
    DJRemixcraft The Gamer

    Watching *got ad with you*

  • Aegyo Park
    Aegyo Park

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  • TankMen

    ok can kill phones but can kill laptops or calculators?

  • BH

    My man's a Monica fan lol.

  • Aziz alharbi
    Aziz alharbi


  • Florian Calin
    Florian Calin

    Him:what if someone holds instagram to ransom? Hackers:why,thanks for the idea!:)

  • Leeds United
    Leeds United

    What about doing it on Twitter or something